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Allergy test

Allergy test

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Our pet allergy test is an easy and accurate way to identify what your dog or cat is allergic to. Allergies can cause a variety of unpleasant symptoms in both dogs and cats, including itchy skin, runny eyes, and sneezing. By identifying the allergens that are causing your pet’s symptoms, you can take steps to avoid them and provide relief for your furry friend.

To use the test, simply collect a small sample of your dog or cat’s hair and send it to our lab. Within a few weeks, you'll receive a report detailing the allergens that your pet is sensitive to. This information can be used to create a customized treatment plan for your dog, which may include changes to their diet, environment, or supplementation.

Our pet allergy test is trusted by veterinarians and pet owners alike, and has helped countless pets live happier, healthier lives. Don't let allergies hold your furry friend back – try our test today and get the relief your pet deserves.

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